·What kind of Business is First Class Frequent Flyer?
First Class Frequent Flyer is a travel business which helps people obtain first and business class airline tickets at deep discounts using Membership Reward Programs. We also help people sell their frequent flyer miles for cash by either filling out our sell miles form or calling 1-877-Freq-Fly for a quick quote.
·Why can First Class Frequent Flyer provide airline tickets at such low prices?
We purchase frequent flyer miles from individuals and businesses who do not wish to use them. We then can offer them to you as first class and business class award tickets. We do not offer discounts on economy/coach tickets as they are not less expensive than the airline’s normal retail price.
·Are your prices the cheapest in the industry?
Not always. While we are very competitively priced, we have to ensure we can provide excellent customer service which leads to repeat business. We want to keep the customers we make.
·Who buys tickets from First Class Frequent Flyer?
Our client base is culturally diverse and includes individual people and businesses from around the world.
·What are the legalities involved in selling frequent flyer miles?
Selling Frequently Miles is perfectly legal, except in Utah. However, it is against airline policy to trade, barter, or sell your frequent flyer miles. Airlines prefer that people accumulate miles and never use them. They also want consumers to pay an exorbitant amount for International First and Business class seats. Frequent flyer miles may be used at the owners’ discretion.
·Can my ticket be changed?
Yes; however, they are not refundable once issued. We will discuss with the client any situation in which they cannot be changed.

·What if I need an invoice to turn for an expense report?
We give all our clients a document pack that includes giftedby information, invoice due, and invoice paid.

·Do blackout dates affect frequent flyer award tickets?
Yes, each airline will have specific blackout dates.
·What is the next step in purchasing a ticket?
Booking with First Class Frequent Flyer can be made by calling toll free: 877-FreQFLY (877-373-7359). Our phones are answered Monday through Friday 9:00 AM thru 5:00 PM, Central time. You may also complete our International Travel Form and we will respond within 24 hours.

Hours of Operation
9:00AM - 5:00PM
Central Standard Time

Contact Information
Toll Free: 1-877-FreqFly
Toll Free: 1-877-373-7359
Local: 214-592-9919

Emergency Travel
Call: 214-908-3306

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First Class Frequent Flyer Privacy Policy
We protect the personal information entrusted to us. We use it only for the agreed upon purpose. We do not give, sell, trade or rent any information to anyone. Please contact us with questions reguarding our privacy policy.